FAQ Questions about Electrical Panel Repair in Garden Grove, CA

Do have questions about the electrical panel in your home? We have answers. My Garden Grove Electrician Hero is ready to assist the homes and businesses in the area 24/7. Here are just a few of the questions we get every day.

Why Are My Outlets Not Working?

If all the other electricity in your home is working, an outlet or two that isn’t working is probably because of a tripped circuit.  Go to your main electrical panel located in the basement or the garage and look to see if any switches are in the off position. Once you’ve located these switches, flip the switch to the on position and try the outlet again. If the outlet still won’t respond when you plug something into it, you may need to have the receptacle replaced or repairs made at the main panel.

Why Can’t I Run My Dishwasher and Stove at the Same Time?

It sounds like you have too many appliances trying to draw energy from one circuit. If you never had a problem before, consider if you’ve recently installed a new device or appliance in the same area like a refrigerator, microwave, or even cabinet lighting. When faced with this dilemma, we recommend calling a Garden Grove electrician to come out and inspect the situation. You may need to upgrade your panel by adding an additional circuit.

I am Finishing My Basement. What Do I Need to Know about Electricity?

For starters, you should always have a licensed electrician install any new wiring or receptacles. You should also speak with an electrician to make sure your current electrical panel is strong enough to handle the additional load. If you have a 2,000 square foot home, you most likely have a 200-amp breaker. This amount of power is enough to power the original footprint of the house. However, when you finish a lower level you’re creating more square footage that may require additional electricity. It may be necessary to install a sub panel to supply electricity to this part of the home.

When Should I Call an Electrician?

The electrician is the last person most people want to call. Although you may not want to spend the money, it’s always better to call a professional than to try to make amateur repairs to your electrical panel. You should call an electrician if the following statements are true:

  • My lights are flickering
  • My home experiences frequent power surges
  • I can’t use one or more of my outlets or switches
  • I suspect I may have damaged wiring

Keep in mind that if you make repairs without the assistance of a licensed and bonded electrician you could be putting your home and its occupants at risk of an electrical fire. You may also be responsible for an electrical-related incidents that cause injury or death after you sell your home if proper permits and certified repairs were not made.

You don’t have to figure this all out by yourself. Give My Garden Grove Electrician Hero a call today and we’ll help you safely and affordably keep your home on the grid.