Outstanding Home Rewiring Service in Garden Grove

When you call My Garden Grove Electrician Hero for a house rewire job, we know how important and sensitive that job can be. We know that older residential wiring inside your Garden Grove home can be downright dangerous. We know that you know that older methods of residential wiring behind the Garden Grove home, like knob and tube wiring, aluminum wiring and Romex cloth-wrapped wiring, can cause breakage and start a fire behind the walls of your home. When you realize how old the wiring is inside your Garden Grove home, call us for that home rewiring right away.

How dangerous is it?

The older electrical sockets inside a home can be dangerous because two holed sockets are not grounded and that means an increased danger of electrical shock. Those old wires tend to get frayed and cannot handle the increased demand for electricity that modern life and modern appliances require. That can be a problem because older residential wiring can cause a fire behind the walls of your Garden Grove home and lead to a serious electrical emergency.

How expensive is a house rewire?

That depends on the size of your home and how much old wiring needs to be removed. We do a free estimate and determine that.

How long does it take?

That can be hard to tell, too. Once again the size of the home and the amount of wiring is key. However, most jobs can take as little as a couple of days and as long as a few weeks.

How does the work happen?

We send only the most qualified, dependable, honest and knowledgeable electricians. These guys have been doing home rewiring for decades. They drill holes in the walls instead of tearing them down. They work from one room to the next without having to shut off the power inside your Garden Grove home.

What happens now?

First, call us. Then ask for a free estimate the best residential and commercial wiring contractors in Garden Grove, CA. We have been providing these jobs for residents for a long time now and we guarantee our work. Call us today!